For Love, Wedding, Marriage, Mandy Moore plays a psychatrist whose marriage (with Kellan Lutz) falls apart as does her parents (Jane Seymour, James Brolin). The film is directed by actor Dermot Mulroney. It’s been picked up by IFC, which means it’s going to hit On Demand May 1, and then play a limited theatrical engagement June 3. Check out the trailer…

Two things. One, did Mandy Moore get work done? Look at the image I posted above, and then look at her eyes now. Maybe she had some lid work done, but she looks different than she did when she was just a pop star. Two, doesn’t this look like it should be a movie of the week?

TV doesn’t really make movie of the weeks any more, which is too bad in some sense, because it kept actors working. Instead this goes VOD and has a limited theatrical release. We’re at a point now where things might just be on VOD forever, and may never have a physical home video iteration.

This looks like a movie directed by an actor who wanted to direct. Perhaps it exceeds expectations, but the nice thing for actors transitioning into directors is that they know a lot of other actors, so they can wrangle in talent better than Joe nobody. And such is likely how this got produced. We’ll see if it’s worth a look May 1.

Do you like Mandy Moore as an actress?