After having directed the first two Chronicles of Narnia films, it was unknown what Andrew Adamson would do next. He obviously played with the big toys, and had a number of successful films under his belt (he directed the first two Shrek films), but the response to Prince Caspian was lacking, and the fall off from the first film was intense. He’s circled a number of projects (as is the way now), but it looks as though he’s commited to his next: an adaptation of the book Mister Pip, which will star Hugh Laurie, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Laurie will play the last white person on the island of Bougainville in New Guinea. There he’s asked to open a school, and teach. This appears to be a much smaller film – which tend to follow when a director’s had a box office disappointment – though it seems to be in his wheelhouse as he will likely be dealing with amateur child actors as he did on the Narnia films.

Focus Features has picked up international rights, there’s nothing listed about when the film will be released, but it looks to be a smaller scale film. It’s the sort of thing that shows if Adamson is a director full stop. Laurie will be filming during his hiatus. He’s yet to prove if American audiences want to see him outside of his hit TV show “House.”

Doesn’t Mr. Pip sound like a soft drink?