When we last heard from the Wachowskis they were smarting from the failure of 2008′s  Speed Racer, and still known in the public for failing to deliver with the Matrix sequels. They will now be returning with a collaboration with Tom Tykwer to co-write and direct Cloud Atlas, which has signed Tom Hanks as one of its stars, and will be distributed stateside by Warner Brothers.

Focus features will handle the international distribution, and the film will be sold to different international territories at Cannes. The film is based on the David Mitchell novel of the same name that tells six interconnected stories about how actions like murder and kindness reverberate through time. It sounds like heady stuff.

Hanks has been attached to or circling a number of projects of late, so it’s unknown how large his role in this production would be. It’s more than likely he’s attached himself to the film to help it get financing.

And from all press reports it is officially no longer the Wachowski brothers but Andy and Lana Wachowski. How the three directors plan on working with each other has not been essayed. Likely the film will be broken into sections, though it’s unknown how. The Wachowski’s haven’t done many interviews since The Matrix came out, and with the news of Lana’s change in gender, their shyness seems deserved. Terrence Malick has been able to pull off a similar feat, but it is rare. Likely Tykwer will be on point for interviews on this one.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this film’s development.

Are you excited for more Wachowski films?