Coming out May 13, Priest is going to be there at the start of the summer season. Paul Bettany will be doing battle with the forces of evil (aka Vampires) to protect his kin. There’s a lot of throwing stars and fighting involved, and the latest trailer also promises Cam Gigandet and Christopher Plummer. What more can you ask for from a Summer movie? Unknown. Check out the new trailer…

Priest has already been pushed back four times, and went through a troubled production, so I’m sure everyone’s happy to finally have the film hitting theaters. Little seen in the trailer are female stars Lily Collins and Maggie Q, nor any Karl Urban, who also appears in the film. Weird.

This is director Scott Charles Stewart’s second film with Bettany in a similar territory – they both did Legion together. That also had supernatural asskickery.

If this film is just action sequences of priests using kung fu and elaborate weapons to fight off vampires, then I would bet that this might be better than its schedule changes would suggest. But this is also going to be a low budget type of affair where many of the money shots will be in the trailer. Bettany came close to being a real A-lister, but he’s taken his lumps, and now seems to have moved in to character acting, and being a B movie lead. At one point he was almost the lead in Kingdom of Heaven. Perhaps that was a bullet dodged for everyone.

Will you see Priest this summer?