A press conference was held today in New York by John Travolta, director Nick Cassavetes, and Fiore Films CEO Mark Fiore to discuss the new film,  Gotti: Three Generations, in which they discussed Travolta’s role as mob boss John Gotti, Travolta’s “beautiful love” with the Gotti family, and the rumors that Lindsay Lohan will star in the film as Victoria Gotti, John Gotti’s daughter.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Travolta feels that the story of the Gottis “is probably the most interesting untold story in this country,” and that, moreover, a five-hour meeting with Gotti, Jr., is what sealed the deal for him in the role.

He stated that the “beautiful love I feel from the family” along with the fact that he is a fan of Growing Up Gotti (oh my God) is what drove him to the role.

Fiore piped in to state that Lindsay Lohan (who was in attendance in the audience) is a “terrific actress,” which goes to show what kind of judgment is going into the making of this thing:

Thinking that Growing Up Gotti is great?  Check.


Thinking that Lindsay Lohan actually has acting talent?  Check!

I’m sure that this is going to end well.

Gotti: Three Generations was written by Leo Rossi (Analyze This), and based upon the relationship between Gotti and his father.

What do you think of the Gotti film news?