Scottish actor, Rob McAvoy, star of Wanted and X-Men: First Class, is set to head to the U.K. for his next film, a crime thriller called Welcome To The Punch, according to Dark Horizons.

McAvoy revealed the news on a recent episode of Piers Morgan Tonight.  Welcome To The Punch is will be directed by Eran Creevy (Shifty), and concerns “a London detective whose old nemesis, an armed robber called Red Diesel, reappears after five years absence. His return is heralds the uncovering of a massive conspiracy.”

The film is apparently being described as a Heat-styled action epic, “with a very large scope and level of action in scale more akin to Hollywood than usual British gangster film fare,” which, roughly translated means it will be utterly awesome if it is anything like Heat (except for the fact that the bad guy is named Red Diesel, which the kind of name you’d expect from a baddie in a mid-eighties Stallone film—I’m looking at you, Over the Top).

That said, it would be cool to see a large-scale crime epic seen from a different point of view other than America’s, and McAvoy seems to be positioning himself as the next big action star.  Cautiously optimistic on this one.

What do you think of the new McAvoy film?