When The Green Lantern was announced, it was also made public that star Ryan Reynolds would not be wearing a suit on set, but that the costume would be added later in CGI. So for every trailer and footage so far we’ve gotten a rough idea of how it’s supposed to look, but it’s hard to know if the trailers presented finished effects shots. Well, the film is due out June 17, so now we’re going to get the full body shots. Breaking News USA got the first images, and we present them here. Take a look…

It’s good to see that Warner Brothers has either course-corrected or fully engaged in their marketing campaign with this film. We’re a little more than two months away from the film hitting theaters, and now’s the time to get people excited. These are action stills but done in a comic book style.

Between this and the recent footage presentation at WonderCon, The Green Lantern is starting to look a lot more confident than it seemed a couple months back when all we had was a trailer that came across as an Iron Man clone. Now that the marketing has embraced its outer-space adventure elements and the scale, it looks like something we haven’t seen before.

In that way it’s interesting to compare it to Thor, which has gone the opposite route, and geared a lot of its recent marketing to selling the love interest and the comedy. How much you should sell to the faithful is an interesting question when it comes to comic book movies. We’ll see the results by the end of summer.

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