If you’ve been wondering what David Hyde Pierce has been up to since “Fraiser” left the air, it seems that he’s been enjoying his residuals. Most of his more recent public appearances have revolved around supporting marriage equality. But now he returns to acting as the lead in The Perfect Host. The Nick Tomnay film premiered at Sundance and will get a limited theatrical release in July after hitting video on demand May 27. Check out the trailer…

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David Hyde Pierce is playing the character who’s taken for a victim by Clayne Crawford’s criminal on the run (and for a minute I was wondering if this co-starred Ray Liotta), only for the tables to turn. This is a semi-staple for low budget features in that it’s got a name player (Pierce) and limited locations – likely shot in Los Angeles for minimums.

If this was more of something it would have emerged from Sundance as a winner, where it played midnight screenings in 2010. So that means it took a year and change for the film to get domestic distribution. Oh well.

We’re also in an industry that is moving more and more toward Video On Demand as a viable alternative. Though more than likely that has to do with the cost of production of a physical copy. Oliver Stone recently said Blu-ray will be the last iteration of home video to be purchased instead of existing as a file.

Do you still collect movies?