Look at this face? Do you see this guy listening to Bauhaus? Bradley Cooper comes off more as a Rush or Van Halen fan. Nothing against Rush or Van Halen. Probably some rap, really liked Pearl Jam. Pop music. You don’t suspect that this guy can do goth. You don’t suspect he was a regular at midnights of Rocky Horror Picture Show. But Cooper is supposedly circling The Crow reboot to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Cooper is an actor, so perhaps he’ll show some range.

This is weird on a number of different levels. Cooper has cultivated an attitude and a look that verges on – and sometimes throttles over – being smug. Nothing against Cooper as a performer, but earnest and mopey don’t seem to be in his wheelhouse. He may be likable, but it’s in contrast to being the guy who seems on top of everything (until he isn’t).

Perhaps Cooper is looking for a franchise, and The Crow could be that as it stars an undead avenger. But – cinematically – it must be said the reason why the first film was as successful as it was is partly based on morbid curiosity. Star Brandon Lee was killed on set in a stunt snafu, where a blank accidentally had some discharge in it. This was doubly fascinating because his father was Bruce Lee, who also died young under mysterious circumstances.

I can see why the property might seem great to reboot as it has led to a number of sequels and DTV spin-offs, but again, they were cashing in on something that was unrepeatable. The appeal of the character has been maintained in the Hot Topic goth set. Cooper doesn’t seem to have any Joy Division swagger, so by casting him the picture would be alienating the base. If Cooper is cast, it suggests that he couldn’t land a superhero.

Do you like the first Crow?