When he’s not busy declaring that he’s retiring, that he’s quitting 30 Rock, and that 30 Rock itself is going off the air before not retiring, not quitting 30 Rock, and 30 Rock staying on the air, Alec Baldwin still takes time off from his busy schedule to act here and there.  His newest project?  Woody Allen’s new film.

/Film has it that Baldwin has signed on to Allen’s next film, which is as-yet untitled.  Little is known about the project, beyond the fact that it will be set in Rome.  Baldwin and Allen last worked together in the 1990 film Alice, which was a loose reimagining of Federico Fellini’s 1965 film, Juliet of the Spirits.

Rumor has it that The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg might be joining the cast, which makes sense—Eisenberg’s twitchy and nervous onscreen persona seems to perfectly align with the nervous and anxiety-ridden protagonists of Allen’s films, which are often stand-ins for Allen himself.

So there you go—based on this news, expect Alec Baldwin to declare that he will never, ever work with Woody Allen ever again, will never work on Woody Allen’s new film, and will never work with Jesse Eisenberg, ever.

What do you think of Alec Baldwin reteaming with Woody Allen?