Well this is one for the books: Saturday Night Live, get this, actually had a few funny moments on Saturday, thanks mostly to Helen Mirren and her, erm, physical attributes.  As noted by Entertainment Weekly, “Mirren is known to be justly proud of her upper balcony,” and she let it show on this week’s Digital Short.

According to the sketch, touching Mirren’s breasts leads you to a veritable Shangri-La, as described by Adam Samberg:

“You’re in a place that’s much better than heaven. You’re in Helen Mirren’s t——… Helen Mirren may be 65, but her t—— exist beyond space and time — early cave paintings prophesied of this. So anyway make yourself at home, Dave Grohl is over there.”

Seriously, you just have to watch it:

Of course, the rest of the episode was typically abysmal, but it’s nice to see that the show is still capable of a few, ludicrous moments of semi-fresh air that allow you to recall a time when SNL was a hotbed of hilarity rather than a cavalcade of unfunny celebrity impressions and endless rehashes of recurring characters in sketches that go on five minutes too long.  And if takes groping Helen Mirren to make us realize that, well, then, we’re through the looking glass here, people (actually, not really, I’ve just always wanted to be in a dramatic situation where I could look around a room and say “we’re through the looking glass here, people.”  Forgive me).

What do you think of the Digital Short sketch?