If it feels like the internet has been beating up on Thor, it’s probably because the clips that have surfaced have been terrible. But for those looking forward to the film, there’s finally been a featurette to emerge that doesn’t rely on terrible comedy, or the non-presence of Hawkeye to sell the film. In it is footage of Asgard, and comments from director Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. More than anything else recently, this looks good. Take a look…

Again, this is the first time the fantasy world of Thor is given a better once-over, and that’s where the film is the most exciting. This isn’t an Earth-bound adventure, and the flights of intergalactic fantasy are what’s going to make and/or break the film. And that’s the problem with the footage so far. It’s wrestling moves and bad comedy. The Hawkeye clip was probably the worst of the lot, it was unbelievable that they were selling the appearance of a character by his bow without showing the actor.  Here is that clip, for comparison:

Part of this footage seems an attempt to sell the film to non-fans, but how interested they’re going to be in the God of Thunder doing bad slapstick is unknown.

Thor vs. Jon-Mikl Thor, who wins?