Sigh.  For a second there, it looked like we were gonna be free of the guy—rumors abound that Regis Philbin, co-host of Live with Regis & Kelly, is set to return to television hosting after he retires from Regis & Kelly this November.

According to Dimewars, “sources are telling NY Post Page Six that the 79 year old Regis is in talks for his own daytime syndicated talk show.”

This, despite the fact that Philbin himself has said, “Everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain old people.”

Despite having said that, Philbin is reportedly in preliminary talks with syndicators (which include Harpo and Sony)—but neither network will confirm or deny the news.

Also worth keeping in mind (and something that might actually make this interesting):

“If Regis did land a new talk show it would likely compete with his current co-host Kelly Ripa. Some reports state Kelly is peeved while others say she remains supportive of Regis.”

It might actually be kind of fun to see these two go at it over rival networks—something about seeing an elderly man prone to volume railing against Kelly Ripa, I don’t know, it’s cute.

What do you think of the Regis Philbin news?