Though surely men have described Megan Fox as heavenly before, it seems that the film Passion Play is making that literal. In the trailer for her new film, Fox has wings and everything. She’s joined by Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray and Rhys Ifans, and was directed by Mitch Glazer. The film opens May 6, and hits DVD on May 31. The cast is A list talent, but the film looks sort of weird and direct-to-video-ish. Take a look…


Again, this looks like the sort of thing that either works, or is torturous to sit through. The film screened at Toronto’s film festival last year and was panned hard, so likely this doesn’t work, but Bill Murray usually puts something on the ball. This wouldn’t be Murray’s first time working with Glazer as Glazer was one of the writers on Scrooged, and used to work with Michael O’Donoghue. Since then he’s been doing studio work, including writing the scripts for such films as The Recruit, and the 1998 version of Great Expectations.

This is Glazer’s first film as a director. Which means it’s likely heavy on ideas, though may lack a good visual sense. Going from the trailer, the idea of Rourke and Murray squaring off is so weird that it looks fascinating. The film opens May 6 in New York and Los Angeles. Likely this is contractual obligation.

Do you find it weird that a film with this many A-listers is essentially going straight to video?