Sad news for fans of “distracting celebrity cameo that will also remind everyone that Mel Gibson was supposed to be here” as The AV Club calls it, as the oft-discussed Liam Neeson cameo in The Hangover II is now no longer happening (gasp!).

As you may remember, Mel Gibson was originally set to cameo in the film as a tattoo artist, which would be a nod to Mike Tyson’s cameo in the first film, and the franchises overall gimmick of casting celebrities who physically assault women in humorous roles (how cute, you guys!).  But then Mel was ousted, and Liam Neeson was brought in, despite having no record of domestic assault (weird, huh?).  Unfortunately, though, Neeson wasn’t available for reshoots and the role was once again recast:

“Neeson was unavailable to do reshoots of his scene as a tattoo artist (presumably the one who gives Ed Helms the Mike Tyson homage on his face), having already decamped to London to work on the Clash Of The Titans sequel. So instead, Phillips replaced Neeson entirely with Nick Cassavetes.”

I know what you’re thinking, Hangover fans—“but Nick Cassavetes hasn’t beaten anybody up, has he?”—but sometimes we just have to accept that things change, and that we might not be able to rely upon the Hangover anymore to present us with charming presentations of guys who beat women.  At least until Chris Brown is available for Hangover III.

What do you think of the Hangover II news?