Leaving a franchise after a decade (and eight pictures) has to be hard. Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter, and will be Harry Potter (fortunately he and the primary cast were paid very well). But Radcliffe is also an actor, and his most recent non-Potter film is The Woman in Black, which is a ghost story produced by Hammer and directed by James Watkins. Take a look…

Currently, it’s a teaser, so you get Radcliffle getting startled, and none of the other cast (which includes Ciaran Hinds). But the outfit looks good on him, and he slips well into period. He doesn’t look like the young boy we first met a decade ago, and he obviously doesn’t have a scar on his forehead. But this isn’t his first go at non-Potter roles.

What may be most exciting about this is that Radcliffe joins the illustrious ranks of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as a star of a Hammer horror film. Hammer was an important force in British cinema in the 50′s and 60′s (their influenced waned as the 1970′s and exploitation became more explicit). The company has been brought back from the dead, and recently co-produced Let Me In.

The film is set for release in October in the UK. When it shows up stateside is unknown, but if it’s good it may go theatrical. Of late, it seems more likely for the film to turn up On Demand.

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe has what it takes to work after Potter?