As the world awaits the first footage from the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson-produced, Spielberg-directed, and Edgar Wright, Steven Moffat and Joe Cornish-written The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, news has broken what the sequel’s basis and writer will be. The writer is Anthony Horowitz, and the book he’s adapting is “Prisoners of the Sun” according to Bleeding Cool.

For a film that’s assembled such a super group of behind-the-scenes players, it’s been all quiet on the Western Front for a while. Paramount is releasing the film in America on December 23, so perhaps they’re waiting for Thor or Transformers: Dark of the Moon to put out a teaser. Then again, motion capture filmmaking requires tons of post production work, so getting fully finished footage is always a hassle.

The plan with this series had always been explained to me that Spielberg would make the first and Jackson the second, with the two collaborating on the third. At least that’s what I’d heard years ago when this was in development. With Jackson now in the midst of shooting his Hobbit films, these game plans may have changed. But this isn’t the sort of film series that requires as much speed. Motion capture may take a long time, but the benefit is that the performers can age as much as they like.

Anthony Horowitz is best known as a writer for British television, and as the creator of Alex Rider book series, among others.

Did you grow up reading Tintin?