In Gavin Hood‘s Wolverine film, a number of additional X-Men characters were introduced. The two most high profile were Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) and Gambit (played by Taylor Kitsch). At the time Kitsch was a TV star, while Reynolds was a movie star, albeit mostly in comedies. It seemed odd casting, until right around release rumors circulated that Deadpool would get his own spin-off movie. Deadline Hollywood is reporting it now has a director: Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Miller.

Reynolds was talking at WonderCon about how he sees Deadpool as an R-rated film. That would be a nice change of pace, as it’s been a while since there’s been an R-rated comic book hero. But where Blade proved that it could work, The Punisher hasn’t played well in its multiple adapations to the big screen.

Reynolds is working on turning The Green Lantern into a franchise (audience willing), so he’d be pulling double duty, though Chris Evans has set the precedent for that. That said, with different studios (Warner Brothers vs. 20th Century Fox) and different comic book companies (DC vs. Marvel), this could get sticky. But I don’t think they can make the movie without Reynolds if it’s to be a big budget affair.

That said, Reynolds was all but assuredly signed to a contract for a Deadpool spin-off when he agreed to do Wolverine. At the time his stock was much lower, but between The Proposal’s box office success and him being Green Lantern and all, Fox may want to make that movie whether he wants to or not. I believe something similar happened to Jennifer Garner with Elektra. That they’ve hired a visual effects person to be the director doesn’t inspire as much confidence as hiring – say – Darren Aronofsky might.

Do you think Deadpool with happen?