Josh Pence played one of the Winklevosses in The Social Network, but his twin was the one who had his head digitally erased and swapped out with Armie Hammer. Pence has said he did it to work with David Fincher, and it appears that exposure has paid off as he’s now been cast in The Dark Knight Rises as a young Ra’s Al Ghul – the character played by Liam Neeson in the first film. This comes straight from The Hollywood Report. How much this character is in the film is unknown – it appears to be a flashback – but the casting announcement does put some cards into place about the film’s plot.

Marion Cotillard has long been rumored to be playing Ra’s daughter, and this pretty much confirms it, if the Pence casting holds true. Historically, her character is more of an anti-hero than villain, in that she’s often been his love interest and had a child who eventually became Robin. Of course, with Christopher Nolan being Nolan it’s quite possible he’s going to do what he wants with the character. But with Anne Hathaway cast as Catwoman, perhaps many are thinking she’ll be along the line of Michelle Pfieffer’s cinematic variation on the character.

More than likely if Cotillard’s character follows the comic books, than my hunch is that Catwoman’s going to a straight villain. Perhaps then Cotillard is there to have a woman who can fight with another woman as cinema is often politically correct when it comes to who can beat up each other.

What do you want to see in the new Batman?