Post Inception, it looked as though Tom Hardy could become a big-time movie star. With Warrior -due September 9 -  perhaps he may become one. He’s paired with Joel Edgerton, another of the class of 2010 who made a big impression in Animal Kingdom. Both are playing the children of Nick Nolte, in what looks to be a inspiration movie about fighting mixed martial arts. Take a look at the trailer…

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Um, war vets, old grudges, broke teachers fighting to make a living, oh dear. Director Gavin O’Connor also directed Miracle, the fairly good story of  America’s 1980 Olympic hockey team, but that was based on a true story. This does not look to be.

There’s nothing wrong with a good-come-from-behind, “I wonder who deserves to win more” underdog sports film, and generally these are films that work if you allow the cheese factor to settle in. And with these actors, it’s as if there isn’t talent in front of the camera. But the trailer seems to be selling some of the more melodramatic moments. Sylvester Stallone did this brilliantly in Rocky, and terribly in Over the Top - a film that taught us that “The world meets nobody halfway.”

The problem this movie is going to face is how it compares to The Fighter, which did this sort of narrative by trying to work around the genre’s more obvious elements. This is going the other way, it seems.

Will you line up to watch Warrior?