Well, it’s official: Ryan Seacrest is officially The Most Powerful Person in Reality Television (which is kind of like being the King of Crap Island or Emperor of Turd County, but, hey, whatever), finally ousting Simon Cowell, who had held the top spot since 2009.

According to Contact Music, “the radio and television presenter, whose company ‘Ryan Seacrest Productions’ produces a number of reality television shows including ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’,” also hosts American Idol.  And American Idol’s creator, Simon Fuller, had this to say about Seacrest:

“Ryan absolutely has his finger on the pulse because he’s talking to America every day through his radio show. He knows what people are thinking about, and as a producer that really gives him a leg up. He’s the unsung hero of American Idol. Ryan is one person I would not want to lose.”

Contact Music even has it that Ryan Seacrest was in the running to replace Larry King before Piers Morgan took the job—jeez, Seacrest is everywhere.

So there you go.  Whatever your opinions of Seacrest are, just be happy that someone like The Situation wasn’t able to nab the top spot.  My God, can you imagine?

What do you think of the Seacrest news?