Remember back in March when we reported that Javier Bardem was “psychologically” attached to the role of Roland the gunslinger, the lead role in Ron Howard’s three-films-and-a-TV-series adaptation of Stephen King’s seven book series The Dark Tower?  Well, it looks like he’s now a little more than “psychologically” attached to the role.

According to /Film, “the deal is so close to done that Howard has begun meeting with other actors to cast the roles around Bardem…It is a daunting project, because Stephen King’s novels are equally imposing as they fuse together fantasy, westerns, science fiction, horror and other elements with King’s own fiction and even a version of his personality.”

It sounds like a tall order to fuse with a film adaptation (and, having the read the books, it seems nigh-impossible), but with a charismatic lead like Bardem to center the films around, it just might work.  However, if Bardem is nabbed for the role, don’t expect to see him in much of anything else for the next few years—since the adaptation is set to be a trilogy as well as a TV show, Bardem’s schedule is going to be a little packed over the next few years.

What do you think of the Bardem news?