Rarely do you get so much fine acting, action and suspense all packed into one jet-fueled, 70s-Euro-esq thrill ride as you do in Hanna. Step aside Sucker Punch, it’s time for some real bad-ass chicks to take control. The film stars the impressive cast of  the young and talented Saoirse Ronan; Cate Blanchette one of the best baddies there is; Eric Bana who provides both the depth and heart needed in the film; and finally Tom Hollander with one of his creepiest performances to date.

Director Joe Wright has made one of the most interesting and yet simple action films in theaters, which (aside from Source Code) is really the only thing worth seeing.Find out why it’s worth seeing below.

The Players:

The Plot:

Hanna has the strength, the stamina, and the smarts of a soldier; but the brain and social aptitude of a young child. She’s been raised  by her ex-CIA father in the wilds of Finland. She is sent into the world by her father on a mission, while a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own tries to hunt her down.

The Good:

  • Action and Acting: Finally, an action film that actually hires solid actors to give real performances so that when the action scenes kick in, you actually care about them! All the characters have layers that are not fully explained, but felt by the audience and leave you intrigued. Who knew actions films could be so much fun!?
  • The Music: If you don’t see this film, you must buy the soundtrack. The music sets the pace for the film from the very beginning — it begins with a fast beat that lays underneathth the film like a heartbeat that just keeps beating, faster and faster. It’s relentless. Then they integrate a childlike innocence to it which they bring in at some of the most intense moment — perfectly balancing the naivety of the character with the growing dark and macabre atmosphere . Just be careful if you listen to it while driving, you’ll want to go fast, very fast.
  • The Pace: As was said about the music, the film sets a fast pace from the first moment the screen lights up and keeps a fast moving pace through to the bitter end. You won’t need to worry about feel the weight of this film’s length, it breezes right along.
  • The Old/Euro Feel: There’s something this film that reminds you of a 70′s, Italian, action thriller — but brought to modern times and presented in a modern way. It’s absolutely wonderful because it takes the best of that era and brings it to modern cinema. Very nice touch.

The Bad:

  • The Inciting Event: One could pick apart this and a few other details from the film that really don’t make perfect sense. There are definitely some things that could absolutely never happen, but because of how strong the rest of the film is, for some reason I didn’t really mind the problems with the story and enjoyed some of the more inconceivable action scenes — they all seemed to help the story move along and didn’t outwardly hurt the story. I’m a stickler for this kind of stuff, but they did such a good job of tying it into the film and making it their own that it didn’t really hurt them. So why not!?


Really great film that will keep your heart pumping while watching some fine acting on the big screen. Go see it! Make it a double bill with Source Code!

Rating: 8/10

Hanna is in theaters starting April 11th.


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