In one of the rare instances of an actor working hard (or a picture being delayed) Daydream Nation - which stars Kat Dennings – will open on May 6, the same day as Thor, which also stars Kat Dennings. Can the world have too much Kat Dennings?  Can it have too much of her at once? Anchor Bay’s film – which also stars Josh Lucas -  is due out on DVD and Blu-ray two weeks later, so Daydream Nation seems to be hitting theaters for contractual obligation. Take a look at the trailer…


It’s a reasonable premise for a film – new girl sleeps around, questions morality, etc. – one that worked well for Easy A, and is something that could make for a compelling narrative. But the tagline in the trailer “Juno by David Lynch” suggests that this is going to go much darker places than the trailer suggests. Then again the title of the film would seem to be taken from a Sonic Youth song, and the trailer features no Sonic youth, so this could very much be a bait and switch trailer.

This could be the year for Dennings that she breaks out, though it’s hard to think that her role in Thor will be much more than comic relief. And perhaps after Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, Dennings had her moment at becoming an A-lister. She’s been passed by Emma Stone, it seems.

Which Kat Dennings film are you more excited for this or Thor?