Denizens of Los Angeles, if you happen to stumble upon a movie shoot entitled Frostbite tomorrow, stick around, you might catch something interesting: apparently, it’s the secret shooting title for Captain America: The First Avenger, which will be picking up reshoots on Friday in la la land.

Superhero Hype has the scoop, and states that “little is known about what the filming entails, but the site speculates that it may include Stan Lee’s cameo and will shoot under the codename “Frostbite,” the same production name it used when filming in Europe.”

So if you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow, and you see a burly guy in blue tights with wings attached to his head and a big red shield running around, stick around—either you’ve stumbled upon the Captain America: First Avenger reshoots, or you’ve simply entered a really wild part of town, and I’d suggest you get the hell out of there as quick as you can.  Either that or you’ve found my apartment (look, I only dress like Captain America on Fridays, ok?  A man needs some adventure in his life).

So keep an eye out tomorrow, L.A. people, you might see something interesting, including  a Stan Lee Marvel cameo.

What do you think of the Captain America news?