Mediocrity here we come! Arthur is nothing if it isn’t that. It’s not bad enough to really be horrible or offensive, there are enough jokes to make you chuckle all the way through (provided you haven’t already seen them in the trailer), and the cast is extremely easy to watch – BUT the fact is, this is a mainstream, easy for everyone to consume, take no risks comedy. But hey, it’s not all bad…

The Players:

The Plot:

A drunken billionaire playboy has to give up his wild ways and marry a wicked, woman looking to climb the ladder. If he doesn’t he’ll lose his inheritance — queue the problem: he ends up falling in love with a sweet, NY tour guide and has to decide what he really wants.

The Good:

  • Russell Brand: It’s a shame no one has found the right movie/character for him. He oozes charisma and he’s one of the best at spouting comedic monologues at will. He alone is interesting as it is, and probably why this movie is worth sitting through. He’s easy to watch and always seems to be doing everything with a nod and a wink to the audience. Nicely done, if only the rest of the film lived up to it
  • Good Moments: As I said, Brand and the rest of the cast all have a number of funny moments that shine through — sadly almost all of them are in the trailer
  • Helen/Russell: The two have an amazing chemistry and their interactions are some of the best parts of the film. Mirren once again brings a strong presence to the film, which is the perfect balance to Brand’s chaos.

The Bad:

  • The Structure: It takes about an hour for the inciting event in this film to take place, at that point you’re looking for them to begin wrapping up, but instead the launch into a whole new aspect of the story. This is the moment where everyone checks their watch and asks “how long is this?” The odd structure left the film feeling like it was broken up into set pieces, not presented as just one whole.
  • Lack of Originality: There’s just nothing new in this film. Despite that it’s a remake, it’s just made of a million jokes we’ve seen before and no real shocking or interesting moments
  • No Weight: We can only care about the film if we can side with the character — maybe it was because he has $950 million, or maybe it’s just the lack of layers to the characters. In the end, there was no real weight to them and, therefore, you never really care about what happens to them, leaving the story basically meaningless.


This is what I call a hang-over movie. It’s great if you need something to distract you but you don’t want to have to think. There’s nothing new or exciting about it, but does have a few funny moments. Your call!

Rating: 5/10

Arthur hits theaters April 8th!

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