It’s been some time since we’ve seen Billy Crystal do anything funny (or anything at all, for that matter), so it’s more than a little comforting to see that Funny or Die managed to nab the brilliant funnyman for a hilarious sketch that takes on the insanely annoying trend in Hollywood which states that all films must include at 73% vampire content.

In the sketch, Crystal and director Rob Reiner pitch a When Harry Met Sally sequel, when the movie studio intercedes and suggests that the film include vampires… and zombies… and—get this—Helen Mirren.

But that’s not all.

The fake trailer also features an elderly Crystal and Mirren preying on the poor denizens of a retirement home, while being hunted down by none other than—again, get this, because it’s ridiculous—Mike Tyson: “We gotta kill us some motherf***in’ grampires!”

It’s one of the funniest sketches I’ve seen on Funny or Die in some time (much better than that horrible Big Lebowski 2 dreck with Tara Reid), and it’s heartening to see that Billy Crystal still has it.  Moreover, when did Helen Mirren become such a badass?  Has it always been this way?

What do you think of the video?