Scream 4 is hitting the big screen on April 15, but not with the extra baggage it has been carrying for the past several months—the film’s distributor,  the Weinstein Co., “has paid to settle a $3 million claim filed by producer Cathy Konrad,” who claims that she was “booted from the fourth installment of the franchise after it was developed behind her back.”

Konrad and Cat Entertainment sued the Weinstein Co. in L.A. Superior Court, stating that she had helped develop the entire Scream franchise and “was entitled to a first opportunity to produce any sequels on the same financial terms as Scream 3,” for which she was paid $550,000 pay-or-play in addition to $100,000 bonuses if the film hit $75 to $125 million domestically at the box office.

Konrad then claims that she was to be a part of Scream 4’s development, when she found out that the film was already going ahead without her.

However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the Weinstein Co. has settled with Konrad for an undisclosed amount that includes “a cash payment from TWC and a very small portion of the back end on the film.”

So now, the Scream franchise can return to the innocence it once new, and begin hacking hyper self aware twentysomethings to death again.  Huzzah!

What do you think of the Scream 4 news?