Ultimate tragedy! The trailer for Todd PhillipsThe Hangover Part II that was released last week - and attached to Source Code - is being destroyed by the MPAA. The trailer went out first on the internet, where it will long live. Joblo broke the story, and this story raises interesting questions about what exactly happened. It’s as if we have to piece together what happened after it happened…

Joblo raised content issues, and that’s what happened. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was the moment of a monkey biting a guy’s penis was viewed as too offensive (because it looks like a simulated sex act). Which is fair as nothing Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis do seemed all that out there. It seems a monkey bititng a guy’s penis is enough to make it a red-band trailer (trailers to only be shown on R-rated movies and/or the internet).

It’s also likely that the MPAA didn’t actually watch the trailer, so much as Warner listed what might be offensive content, and since they didn’t think the dick biting was a sexual act, it didn’t come up. It’s possible audiences saw it before the MPAA did, and once they got complaints it was pulled. There will be a new trailer for April 15, so we’ll note any other differences then. Slashfilm has a picture of the notice theaters got.

You can still watch the trailer:

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Do you think this trailers goes too far for family audiences?