There’s been a deluge of Mad Men news of late—between AMC forcing the show’s fifth season into production with or without creator Matthew Weiner to Weiner and AMC finally coming to a compromise concerning product placement and episode length, it’s been a rollercoaster of a month for Mad Men fans.  And now, there comes a bit of payoff for all of the stress—Mad Men is coming to Netflix Instant.

According to /Film:

“Lionsgate Television is finalizing a deal with Netflix for the exclusive internet streaming rights ofAMC’s Mad Men. The deal covers the previously broadcast four seasons, and the rest of the run through season seven. The deal is estimated to have cost Netflix around $1 million an episode (which adds up to something like $75 million to $100 million total).”

The first four seasons of Mad Men will begin streaming on Netflix Instant on July 27th.  Upcoming episodes will uploaded season by season, rather than episode by episode, in that “once the final episode of the fifth season airs on AMC in 2012, that entire season will also be made available online.”

So there you go—stock up on the whiskey and Brill cream, because this summer is going to be spent catching up Don Draper and Co.

What do you think of the Mad Men/ Netflix news?