One of the titles that came out of South By Southwest this year with incredible heat was writer-director Joe Cornish‘s Attack the Block. Executive produced by Edgar Wright and starring Nick Frost (among a young cast of Brits), the film was a fan favorite and recently had two screenings in Los Angeles, the first with ticket giveaway winners and a second for industry people. It seems those screenings went over like gangbusters, and the film was just picked up by Sony’s Screen Gems for release.

The film opens in London on May 11, so it’s unlikely that the America release date will parallel the UK’s, but mostly because of time. With Screen Gems picking it up, they think they can sell this to mainstream audiences, so it’s more than likely to have a 1,000+ screen release. I don’t think they’ll go super-wide because there’s been some concern about the accents in the film.

That though doesn’t seem to matter, because if Sony bought it and they were worried about that to the point of a super-limited release they would have handed it off to Sony Pictures Classics. From this news, it seems likely the film will either come out sometime this year in the Fall months, with late August the soonest it would hit America theaters, but if it doesn’t come out in 2011, then Screengems will be targeting an early 2012 release. I say this because that’s been the consistent release patterns by Screen Gems for these sorts of films – slightly off season, but with room to play.

All evidence is that the film plays. Check out the film’s trailer:

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