For all of those hoping that Zack Snyder’s work on the upcoming Superman reboot would keep him from being able to make Xerxes, the planned sequel to 300: Human Growth Hormones, Homoeroticism, and Capes, it looks like you may be out of luck—Xerxes may be going on with or without him.

According to Superhero Hype, Immortals and Xerxes producer Mark Canton, stated that Xerxes may not be able to wait for Snyder to complete his work on the new Supes flick:

“I can’t say…I mean, he’s got ‘Superman.’ He’s busy. We’re busy. I don’t think we’re going to wait two years. But we’ll work together with him and figure out who the filmmaker should be if he doesn’t direct it.”

“We’re taking a lot of time because [Zack] really did create something that goes in the time capsule… We want to be faithful to the first one, but we don’t want to do a conventional sequel. But we’re getting close.”

Sigh.  I guess my hopes that we were all going to dodge this bullet just went up in smoke, huh?  Oh, well, if there’s one thing the world needs, it’s  a CGI-laden violence extravaganza that hijacks historical characters in order for 18-24 males can zone out for two hours.

What do you think of the Xerxes news?