Tiny Fey covers a lot of ground in her new book, Bossypants (“Why is this book called Bossypants? One, because the name Two and a Half Men was already taken”), from discussing sexism and ageism in Hollywood, to her hit TV show 30 Rock, to getting advice from Oprah Winfrey.  But the most interesting sections seem to deal with The One They Call Palin.

First up, she drops an interesting nugget about Palin’s offer to allow her daughter Bristol (noted Dancing with the Stars and sex-before-marriage enthusiast) to babysit Fey’s daughter during a shooting of Saturday Night Live:

“She offered her daughter Bristol to babysit Alice during the show if need be. I thanked her, saying Alice was too little to stay for the show. She always went home with her dad after the dinner break. I can’t imagine Bristol would have been too psyched to do that anyway; it was her 18th birthday, she was in New York City, and I had made a vicious joke about her a week earlier. But I appreciated the mom-ness of Mrs. Palin’s offer.”

She also notes how, when running through lines as Sarah Palin with Senator John McCain during his SNL appearance a week before the 2008 election, McCain just kept giggling nervously—“It’s just weird,” he said.

Fey then hits back about Palin’s claims that she (Fey) “had exploited and profited from” the Palin family due to her impression, by first saying that she refuses to respond to such a claim… “Although if I were to respond, I would probably just say, ‘Nice reality show.’”

Clever.  Bossypants is out in stores today.

What do you think about Fey’s statements?