Well it’s about time—the Farrelly brothers’ update of The Three Stooges for 20th Century Fox has finally gotten another cast member.  After endless cast reshuffles, it was announced last month that Mad TV’s Will Sasso will be starring as Curly in the film.  And now, the brothers have found their Larry—Will and Grace’s Sean Hayes.

Originally, the project was at MGM, at which time Sean Pean was to play Larry (try and picture that), Jim Carrey was curly, and Benicio Del Toro was Moe.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the movie is not a biopic but will be divided into roughly half-hour vignettes.”

Honestly, it seems like the Gods are against this film—from Sean Penn to Jim Carrey to Benicio Del Toro to Johnny Knoxville to Andy Samberg, this movie just seems to chew through actors and then spit them out, and has already been dropped by MGM.  Maybe it’s a sign that we should just stick to the classic original films and shorts of The Three Stooges—they seem to hold up just fine, and they don’t force us to risk another Jim Carrey film in order to watch ‘em.

What do you think of the The Three Stooges movie news?