Sometimes, with the deluge of entertainment news that hits us daily, a few crumbs fall through the cracks.  And like a mighty vacuum of information justice, our news roundup is here to scoop up any little nuggets we may have missed.

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has picked up the spec script for Wild Guns, a post-Civil War western described as a cross between Tombstone and Sherlock Holmes, in which Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday “team-up to rescue the daughter of Sitting Bull, who has been kidnapped by a powerful Shaman with mysterious powers who is terrorizing the Western plains.”  No word yet on whether or not they do so in a van called the Mystery Machine, and if Sitting Bull is really Old Man Withers from the local haunted amusement park.
  • Always thought of Quentin Tarantino’s films as true art?  Well, so does artist Tim Doyle, who, according to Unreality Magazine,  has created a series of prints capturing moments from each of QT’s films.  Unfortunately, these aren’t for sale, but they are awesome.
  • Movieline has a breakdown of 1970s British TV classics—they “ain’t what they used to be.”
  • And finally, FunnyCrave shows us that Nic Cage is finally repenting for his crimes against humanity in The Wicker Man.  It’s incredible.

What do you think of today’s news?