Gearing up for the April 29 release of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, the makers have produced a new behind the scenes featurette, which explains why the film is set in New Orleans over the comic book’s original London locations. Star Brandon Routh is nowhere to be seen, but it does give a sense of the look of the film, in comparison to the Tiziano Sclavi comic books. Take a look…

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MSN critic James Rocchi likes to poke fun at how Clint Eastwood‘s films are done “on time and under budget,” which is often bandied about as a plus for Eastwood’s films. The joke is that audiences don’t care if a film was done on time or how much it costs, as long as it’s good. Alas, this featurette spends time talking about how much cheaper it is to shoot in New Orleans, which is one of the practical sides of filmmaking, but doesn’t do a particularly great job of selling the material. That said, New Orleans is a perfect location for a film about the undead and supernatural.

This would be the second film based on Tiziano Sclavi’s Dylan Dog character, though the first – Michele Soavi’s Cemetery Man (aka DellaMorte DellAmore) which was penned by Sclavi himself – was more of a spin-off. It’s hard to say how much of Cemetery Man is a version of Dylan because – though the main character is named Francesco Dellamorte – the original Dylan Dog was designed to look like Rupert Everett who played the lead in the film.

Have you seen Cemetery Man?