We’re so heavy on the sequels it’s almost satirical this week, as three different sequels hit DVD, including two threequels. Yes, both the third part of the Fockers saga and The Chronicles of Narnia’s (remember that) third chapter invade your home this week alongside the long-gestating sequel to Tron.

This comes alongside two incredibly small arthouse films with big stars and the final season of one of the best Dramas of the last ten years. Plus, the return of Clueless star Elisa Donovan!

Check it out below…


Feature Films

Tron: Legacy and Little Fockers

It’s a tale of two sequels this week. One that nobody asked for (Tron) and one that came about three years too late.

Tron is the one that really makes no sense. This is an obscure movie that appeals to about 15 fanboys who still put it in the “meh” pile. And from that, Disney thought they’d have a new franchise on their hands – “The Matrix” without all the lame sequel issues.

Instead, it basically broke even in the US and didn’t exactly set overseas markets afire. I’d have to think that simply launching something original would have served Disney better.

Then there’s the Fockers. The little Fockers. The little film that didn’t even make half of its predecessors’ earnings and couldn’t even outearn the original with 11 years of inflation in its favor and a plum Christmas release date.

So what happened to this once robust franchise? Father time, my friends. Father time. 6 years, in fact.

In comedy times, that’s an eternity – especially with how fast things move nowadays. Since the last film came out, comedy had moved toward the Apatows and the Hangovers of the world. Suddenly, Stiller-esque awkwardness was no longer in vogue.

Two sequels. Two underperformers. Both that can be attributed, in some ways, to time.

But if you’d like to spend your time with either of these movies, you can buy them on DVD:

Buy Tron: Legacy on DVD

Buy Little Fockers on DVD



  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Buy Now
  • Casino Jack – Buy Now
  • I Love You, Phillip MorrisBuy Now


“Friday Night Lights”: Season 5

Last week, I railed against the ‘Mad Men’ cognoscente – the group of people who watch ‘Mad Men’ and nothing else, because it’s a show that’s “acceptable to watch”.

Rather than bury them once again while they cry in their lattes over ‘Mad Men’s’ being delayed until the beginning of 2012, I come to offer them assistance. To give them a show to tide them over. And it’s about…football.

Yes, “Friday Night Lights” is every bit “Mad Men’s” equal. In fact, its quicker pace and more grounded characters allow it to outshine ‘Mad Men’ in a lot of respects. It features all the excellent writing these TV snobs have come to love from their TV ad execs and acting that is even sharper.

Plus, I’m sure that none of them have ever watched a second of it, so the Netflix Five-Season marathon will be a great way for them to spend time in between “finding themselves” and listening to Wilco.

Of course, the show is ostensibly about football, so this will likely fall on deaf ears.

But if you are interested in checking it out – you can buy Season 5 of ‘Friday Night Lights’ on DVD.



  • “Life Unexpected”: Season 1 & 2 – Buy Now
  • “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”: Season 7 – Buy Now
  • “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”: Complete Series – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…