With Steve Carell out of The Office, there’s a hole to fill and it’s unknown who’s going to take his place. Will Ferrell is completing an arc this season, but he’s a big-time movie star, so it’s unlikely he’ll stick around. Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett have been tapped to be in the finale, but Arnett has set up another NBC show, so it’s unlikely he’ll come back. That would leave Gervais the last man standing if it weren’t for the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Ray Romano, Catherine Tate and James Spader are now all going to appear in the season finale as well.

Gervais may have been something of a logical choice, though he’s already covered the terrain before in the U.K. version, so unless he’s trying to build up his image stateside, he gets paid as the creator of the show regardless. Ray Romano’s been on the show “Men of a Certain Age” and it does not appear the show has been cancelled, so likely he’s a one and done.

Which leaves Spader and Tate. James Spader got famous playing jerks in John Hughes and other period young adult films, only to graduate to indie film star. He eventually moved into television, and did five Seasons of “Boston Legal.” Spader can be very funny, though this may be too familiar.

Catherine Tate is a British TV star, and my guess is that she’s going to play either the wife of the relative of Gervais’s character. From this breakdown, Spader seems the most likely replacement candidate.

Then again, they may not have this nailed down until next season. The finale airs May 19.

Who should replace Steve Carell on The Office?