Alright, everyone, prepare to let loose with a collective “ewwwwwwww”:  apparently, Lindsay Lohan is gunning for a role in the upcoming Zack Snyder / Christopher Nolan reboot of Superman, The Man of Steel.   And, even more distressing, she’s actually got an audition.  Ok, everybody ready?  Here goes:


Whew, I feel better.  You?

According to Pop Eater:

“Lindsay is planning to return from New York on Wednesday, at which time she will meet with producers and read for them.”

Rumor has is that she will be up for the villainous role of Snortero, She-Queen of the Yeyo and Destroyer of Septums, who, in a reverse of Superman’s ability to blow tornado-like winds, can literally inhale a small city up one nostril while Tweeting with one hand and throwing objects at Samantha Ronson with the other (it’s a lesser villain, sure, but it worked for Batman Begins).

But seriously—this can’t like, really be happening, can it?  I mean, can you imagine the matter/ anti-matter implosion that would take place if Christopher Nolan and Lindsay Lohan occupied the same room? It’d take out everything from here to at least Jupiter.

What would you think about Lohan starring in The Man of Steel?