Well, dudes, those who have been waiting the long 20 years (good lord, it’s really been that long) to see what the future holds in store for William “Bill” S. Preston, Esq and Ted “Theodore” Logan might not have to wait much longer—according to Keanu Reeves, the Bill and Ted 3 script that you’ve been clamoring for is about six weeks away from completion.

According to ComingSoon, Reeves stated that the new film ties in directly to the end of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey:

“When we last got together, part of it was that Bill and Ted were supposed to have written the song that saved the world, and it hasn’t happened… So they’ve now become kind of possessed by trying to do that. Then there’s an element of time and they have to go back.”

So there you—because what the world needs now is for Hollywood to make a sequel to a sequel that was released two decades ago to a film franchise that is probably best left untouched and untainted by further cash-ins.  And besides, a Bill and Ted movie without George Carlin?  Blasphemy!  Blasphemy, I say!

What do you think of the Bill and Ted 3 news?