Eating at the cinema has always been indulgent. From popcorn to candy to hot dogs and nachos, the foods one can get at one’s theater chain run toward being terrible for the consumer. Then again, they’re to be eaten while the viewer sits for hours watching a big screen. In our heath conscious society, some have raised questions about these terrible habits, and so AMC has responded by offering “Smart Snack Choices,” according to Deadline Hollywood.

Other theater owners have suggested raising prices in response to this terrible food. Yeah, they’re raising prices because they want to make it harder for people to buy them. Sure. Right.

AMC can be commended for thinking of their patron’s health, but often the diet food selections come with the branding of gourmet status so it’s often just another scam to charge more for less. But branding is everything, and surely diet-conscious foods will have their appeal to couples on date night not looking to mow through a box of Goobers.

As the theater industry is rapidly changing, evolving and (in some cases) regressing, making better foods available might appeal to some consumers. But for many going to the movies is defined by munching on popcorn, and often later regretting not having brought floss.

What’s your favorite movie treat?