Having emerged from the center of some controversy when it was revealed Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will be paid 32 grand by Rutgers University to speak at New Jersey’s largest college, this weekend “Snooki” continued her cultural dominance by appearing at Wrestlemania. The “Jersey Shore” star managed to hold her own in the ring, and was able to do some acrobatics. Take a look…

It’s hard to suggest who has either increased or decreased their credibility with this publicity stunt. The WWE was able to attract Barack Obama, John McCain and Hilary Clinton to appear on “Smackdown” during the campaign season of 2008, so – though there may be a cultural bias against wrestling – the sport remains popular and accepted by its audience.

Perhaps more interesting is Miss Polizzi. We’ve seen some reality television stars make their way into the mainstream, but other than some of the “American Idol” contestants, people known from “Survivor,” or any of the “Real World”- type shows have often had a movie or some cameos and then have faded into obscurity. So far the “Jersey Shore” crew have manged to maintain ratings, and Ms. Polizzi was able to write a book.

History teaches that these sort of people fall by the wayside when people get bored with them. And as they’re known for playing themselves, they rarely do well in films or television. The likelihood of one or more cast members eventually doing porn seems to hover around 100%.

Did you watch Wrestlemania this weekend?