Remember when you were a kid and you’d tune in to a wild cartoon about a bunch of cats that walked on two legs and lived on a planet called Thundera and had to battle the Mutants of Plun-Darr in order to protect Sword of Omens (which guards the Eye of Thundera, natch)?  No?  Oh… well, me, either.

But if you did, than you know that I’m talking about the insane cartoon series ThunderCats, which ran in the mid to late ‘80s and was, again, totally insane.  And you’ll be happy to hear that the series has been inexplicably rebooted and is set to air on the Cartoon Network—and we have the trailer.

Via the cool kids at Ain’t It Cool News, you can now view the trailer for ThunderCats that debuted this weekend at WonderCon.  And it looks just as absolutely nuts as the original—these are swordfighting badass cats that fly spaceships and walk on two legs, people!  THUNDERCATS, HOOOOOO!

Erm, forgive me.  It’s the Red Bull and nostalgia.  Gets me every time.  Dig the trailer:

ThunderCats is set to air on the Cartoon Network this summer in the U.S., and I will be there in my Lion-O costume and Snarf-Snarf action figure.  Don’t judge me.

What do you think of the ThunderCats news?