So the little mini-series that could (or really, really couldn’t, if you read the reviews) finally made it onto television last night after being dropped by the history channel—The Kennedys, the miniseries about (you guessed it) the Kennedys, debuted last night on ReelzChannel (best known as the network to hit up when you’re itching for a Caroline in the City marathon).

And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Katie Holmes-starring The Kennedys gave ReelzChannel its highest ratings ever.   Or, as ReelzChannel CEO Stan E. Hubbard gloats:

“Viewers across America showed their ongoing fascination with the Kennedy family and, specifically, their desire to see such a star-studded cast in the highly-anticipated ‘The Kennedys… In acquiring ‘The Kennedys’ our aim was to give viewers an opportunity to watch an incredible movie event with massive star power and to also put a spotlight on our network like never before.  Viewers proved they could find our relatively new and independent network and when they did, Greg, Barry, Katie and Tom delivered!”

It just goes to show—no matter how bad or “hamfisted” your TV miniseries might be, if you whip up enough controversy before the airdate, people will watch.   You can catch The Kennedys on ReelzChannel every weeknight between now and April 10.

What do you think of The Kennedys’ ratings coup?