Latino Review has posted that an offer has gone out to Jeremy Renner to play the new lead in the latest Bourne Spin-off, currently titled The Bourne Legacy. The film – being penned by Tony Gilroy with Gilroy attached to direct – will be in the universe, but Renner will not be playing a new Bourne. As Renner is a year younger than previous star Matt Damon, he couldn’t possibly be playing a younger version – which some had assumed would be the way to go.

Renner’s career is one filled with peaks and valleys. Having made an impression playing Jeffery Dahmer, he was groomed for semi-stardom, playing one of the bad guys in 2003′s S.W.A.T. against Colin Farrell (who was also being groomed at the time). Renner bounced around and appeared as one of the leads in 28 Weeks Later, but it seems The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford helped raise his stock some.

The first festival screenings of The Hurt Locker led to an early pan by Variety, and the box office in the summer of 2009 suggested the film might go away (it never made much money). But a weak year and strong support led the film to being crowned best picture, and led to an Oscar nomination for Renner. Since then he got a second nomination for his work in The Town, and is currently in the next Mission: Impossible film and in The Avengers. The man is now one of the most sought-after actors in town.

Whether he adds Bourne to his plate is unknown; he’s got a number of franchises to play with. Early word on M:I:4 was that his character was to be spun off if the film worked, and there’s a possibility of a Hawkeye movie coming out of The Avengers. Having this many franchise options has got to feel good.

Are you a Jeremy Renner fan?