The Green Lantern - which is due out June 17 – has so far only had one trailer that left the fan-base cold. It featured a more jokey Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and it seemed to be played for laughs. For this weekend’s WonderCon presentation, Warner Brothers went the exact opposite direction with the Martin Campbell-helmed Superhero adaptation, and sold both the scale and the seriousness of the world of Green Lantern. Check it out…

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There are a few moments of levity in the trailer – which play well – but for the most part the footage sells that this is world-building. It’s fun to look in the background, as the aliens go from humanoid (Mark Strong‘s Sinestro) to less so (Geoffrey Rush‘s voiced Tomar-re). And when the footage keeps to its space-based content – with Temuera Morrison’s Abin Sur rushing to earth after a ferocious attack – The Green Lantern looks like something we haven’t seen from a comic-book movie before. If this is the tone of the film, then the scale here will separate this from the comic-book pack.

The ending does concentrate on Earth, and there we see Peter Sarsgaard‘s Hector Hammond, who is obviously going through some transformation into an evil being. We also see very little of Blake Lively‘s character.

There’s a couple ways to look at this footage, but there’s no denying it’s amped up the expectations for The Green Lantern (especially since the first trailer was a dud). The main thing is that its makers knew their target demographic and sold it to them at WonderCon. There’s a lot of ground to cover in the film in terms of turning Hal Jordan into The Green Lantern, and we haven’t seen much of Blake Lively in action, so it’s hard to say that what was shown is representative of the whole, or just cherry-picked money shots.

We’re two and a half months away, so marketing is going to kick into over drive here shortly. But this is their best foot forward.

Can you recite the Green Lantern’s oath?