Robert De Niro fans, you won’t have to wait much longer until the actor, who is so choosey that he only appears in films once or twice a decade, appears in his next film (kidding, kidding, I know he stars in schlock every year—I just thought that maybe if I wished it hard enough, it’d come true), as he is set to star in Red Lights, the new film from Buried director, Rodrigo Cortes.

The film, which will costar Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy and Elizabeth Olsen, is, according to /Film, a “thriller about paranormal activity” in which “a para-psychologist who attempts to debunk a very reputable psychic (De Niro) who has just returned to the limelight after 30 years,” which actually sounds pretty cool, considering some of the dreck DeNiro’s submitted himself to over the past few years.

The film is currently shooting, and there is no release date.  Dig the new production photo above, because that’s about the only other thing we’ve currently got from Red Lights.  Although, it does look pretty cool in an odd and (as /Film put it) Twins Peaks kind of way.  Cautiously optimistic about this one (but if Ben Stiller or Dustin Hoffman show up as costars, I’m out!).

What do you think of Red Lights?