Since this deals entirely with a film whose massive twist is pretty much the entire crux of its storyline, I’m basically going to stand here and whistle until we get to the jump line, so as not to drop any spoilers for the five of you who haven’t seen Catfish.

So… how about that locals sports team?  Weather too hot or cold for you?  Boy, can you believe what that wacky, drug-addled celebrity did this week?

Ok, we good?  Alright then.

Because pretty much everyone who watched Catfish, the documentary in which a man falls in love with a beautiful young woman over the internet only to discover that she is really a middle-aged and married mother,  thought to themselves, ‘hey, this is pretty interesting and thought provoking, but I wonder what it would be like if it were interspersed with 7 minute chunks of commercials every three minutes or so, and soundtrack’d with a ton of Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Paramore?,’ MTV is turning Catfish into a TV series.

According to /Film, the show “presumably follow people who represent themselves falsely on social networks, then document the hijinks that ensue when online couples meet for the first time.”  Or, as Catfish creators Henry Joost, Nev Shulman and Ariel Schulman are probably putting it, CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING.

So far, there are few details beyond the shows announcement of existence, but we’ll be here to fill you in on every annoying detail as they emerge.

What do you think of the Catfish news?