Well, knock back a scotch and loosen that tie a little bit, Mad Man fans, as it’s time to rejoice—the protracted contractual bickering between Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and the AMC network have come to an end.

We recently reported that negotiations had stalled over the fact that AMC wanted two minutes cut from each episode to allow more commercial time, wanted more product placement in the show, and insisted that two regular characters be cut to save money.  Essentially, every bad decision a network could possibly make when trying to meddle with something that was already perfect and insanely popular in an effort to squeeze just a little more money out of the situation.

According to The AV Club, Weiner and AMC have come to a compromise:

Mad Men episodes that hit the air run two minutes shorter (down to a 45-minute running time from a 47-minute one), with the longer versions going up on video on-demand services. The fifth season premiere and finale will also run the 47 minutes the previous four seasons had been scheduled at. The fifth season also won’t feature any of the much-feared potential cast cuts… [Product placement] will continue to be a part of the show (as it has been in the past) but may become more… obvious.”

In exchange for this, Matthew Weiner gets a $25-30 million salary, and Mad Men is officially slated for seasons five and six, with a likely seventh.

So there you go, gang—we get Mad Men back with the cast intact, albeit two minutes shorter and Don Draper might develop a proclivity for Red Bull and American Apparel, despite the show being set in the goddamn 1960s.

What do you think of the Mad Men compromise?