Tie-in video games have long been one of the best parts about movies. When Tron was rebooted last year, my guess is that people had more affection for the old stand up arcade game than the film itself. Yes, sometimes these games are nonsensical and terrible (E.T.‘s tie in game is still considered the low point), but often they’re a good three or four hours of solid button mashing that allow you to play as your favorite film characters. Captain America is the latest game to come from a big summer title, and we’ve got the box art. Take a look…

The game will be available on all platforms – we just grabbed the Xbox art over the Wii or the PS3. Both the Xbox and PS3 versions will be playable in 3-D.

This is one of the more profitable spin-offs for a successful film, though we’ve seen some titles do better at the box office than as a game (Avatar never clicked, for some reason), and we’ve seen some movie franchise become so successful that they create their own entries (ala James Bond).

It’s unknown how much of the primary cast will provide voices, but most games these days get the A-listers to come in and provide their own voices. I would expect both Hugo Weaving and Chris Evans to show up in the game. It’s also a nice selling point.The game is due around the same time as the film, which hits theaters July 22.

Are you a button-mashing film-fan?